February 16, 2023 Social Justice

Social Equity in the Cannabis Industry is Inclusion

Social equity means upholding justice, fairness, and equality for all members of an industry. Many members of the cannabis industry have been disproportionately affected by laws and regulations from the War on Drugs which prevents them from achieving the inclusion and equity they deserve.

It is important to support businesses like the cannabis delivery service, Lucky Green Ladies, that have been impacted by the lack of social equity and inclusion in the cannabis industry to create an inclusive and equitable industry.

What is Social Equity?

In simple terms, social equity is complete fairness, equality, and justice in an industry. When social equity exists, an industry is completely impartial and unbiased in its practices, with its customers, and with each corporation or organization. No customer, business, or other entity will experience exclusion or inequality.

When social equity is not present in an industry, certain organizations, people, or customers may experience biases or inequality. This can lead to people not getting jobs, having a hard time with accessibility, and even being totally prevented from taking part in an industry or organization. In the cannabis industry, this means that certain individuals may not be able to open their own companies, purchase cannabis, and more.

Social equity goes further than just equality. Equality means that everyone has fair, equal treatment – an equal right to jobs, products, resources, etc. Equity includes this equality but goes one step further to help those who are at a disadvantage receive the resources and support that they need. In the cannabis industry, this can mean lowering barriers to those who have been impacted by the War on Drugs.

How Does Social Equity Create Inclusion?

Since social equity is the practice of making an industry completely equal, just, and fair, it directly impacts inclusion. Inclusion means that every individual or organization can participate in an industry, space, or experience without experiencing injustice and biases.

You may be familiar with the term “inclusion” in relation to other social constructs, such as racism, gender, and identity. In the cannabis industry, inclusion means that all people, regardless of their experiences with the War on Drugs or other unfair practices, will be able to participate in the cannabis industry.

This is important to the Lucky Green Ladies because their founder, Alissa Nowak, was also affected by the War on Drugs and suffered from biases and injustice in the industry. Without social equity, Lucky Green Ladies would not exist as your new go-to dispensary delivery service in Boston!

What is the War on Drugs?

The War on Drugs is the effort by the government to stop the illegal use and distribution of drugs. This causes bias, unfair and unjust arrests or discrimination, and has very little actual impact on the rate of drug abuse and addiction. It does not address the use of drugs from a medical standpoint but rather a criminal violation. The War on Drugs negatively impacts individuals and businesses, causing a lack of inclusion, especially in certain industries like the cannabis industry.

This cycle has been going on since the 1970s, although there has been policing and prohibition of drugs and other substances for many years before that. Drug policing has been widespread since before the prohibition era and includes policing cannabis, opioids, prescription drug use, and more.

Although the War on Drugs still has a large, negative impact on many businesses, organizations, and individuals, some states have begun to lessen their stance on the War on Drugs by releasing those incarcerated for nonviolent drug possession, endorsing less policing for drug use, legalizing cannabis or other drugs, and lessening sentences for drug use. These steps are important in the process of working toward being more inclusive and equitable.

How Does the War on Drugs Impact Social Equity and Inclusion?

Since the War on Drugs creates unfair biases, arrests, and injustices, industries such as the cannabis industry suffer from the War on Drugs. Individuals that have been wrongly incarcerated or prosecuted for the use of drugs, including cannabis, may be prevented from owning businesses, being hired for jobs, and gaining access to legal recreational drugs.

Lucky Green Ladies’ cannabis delivery service almost never came to be. Founder Alissa Nowak was directly impacted by the War on Drugs, nearly prevented by the state cannabis regulators to go into business because of a drug felony charge. Luckily, she was approved by the Cannabis Control Commission to own a cannabis delivery business despite this drug felony charge.

This is a situation that many potential Boston business owners and individuals face in the cannabis industry. While the War on Drugs continues, many businesses, business owners, and individuals will continue to experience unfair biases and injustices. Because the War on Drugs prevented social equity and inclusion in the cannabis industry, Alissa was nearly prevented from seeing her American dream come true. Today, she fights for other cannabusiness owners through social equity efforts.

What Can You Do?

Luckily, there are ways that you can help ensure that the cannabis industry is an equitable, inclusive space. One of the most important ways to increase social equity and inclusion is by purchasing from small businesses that do their part to ensure equity and inclusion in the industry.

Lucky Green Ladies is a great dispensary delivery business to support the cannabis industry. Not only did they suffer from the War on Drugs themselves, but they do their part in ensuring justice and equity. Lucky Green Ladies makes it their mission to help Legacy Market individuals or companies be able to move to regulated market roles through mentorship and education.

Support the Lucky Green Ladies Dispensary Delivery

Lucky Green Ladies is a cannabis online delivery business that ships you your cannabis in as early as 1-2 hours. Delivery is discreet and convenient, with a multitude of products and strains such as the Norton cannabis strain to choose from online, scheduling options, payment options, and an easy online ordering system. Support the Lucky Green Ladies today and support social equity and inclusion in the cannabis industry!



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